2023-11-19 19:01:22

Muaither Sports Club announced its official contract with Uruguayan coach Jorge da Silva as coach of the first football team, succeeding Spanish coach Pepe Murcia, in addition to Jorge Rodrigo as assistant coach, and Manuel Cabrera as fitness coach. The contracts were signed at the club’s headquarters in the presence of Dr. Mahmoud Al Mahmoud, Executive General Manager of the club, Mr. Abdullah Al Mazrouei, Head of the Football Staff, and Mr. Ahmed Ali, Team Manager. The Board of Directors welcomed the new technical staff, wishing them success with Kahilan Castle, and returning the team to the path of victories and achieving all desired ambitions. For his part, Jorge da Silva expressed his happiness at leading the technical helm of Muaither Club, stressing that he will make every effort, accompanied by his crew, to return to the path of victories and achieve all the goals of Muaither Club.

2023-11-08 07:04:03

The Board of Directors of Muaither Sports Club announced the termination of the contract with Spanish coach Pepe Murcia by mutual consent. This comes after the team’s results declined during the current football season. The team's management is scheduled to decide on the contract with a new technical director to lead the team during the coming period. The club's board of directors thanked the Spanish coach for the period he spent with the team, wishing him success in his coaching career.

2023-11-02 16:39:30

Our team suffered a new loss from Umm Salal Club, with a score of 1/3, in the match that was held this evening at Hamad Bin Khalifa Stadium, as part of the competitions of the eighth week of the Expo Stars League, and our team’s only goal was scored by Ramon Arias. The match started with a slight advantage for our team in search of scoring the first goal, through the movements of Ayman Al-Hassouni and Andrei Siahputra in the midfield, and in front of them were Dennis Alibek and Jamal Hamad. Our team threatened Umm Salal's goal with a first chance from Denis Alibek's shot, but it passed next to the post amid persistent attempts by both teams to score the lead. Our team continued to threaten Umm Salal's goal with another left-footed shot by Dennis Alibek that was blocked by Umm Salal's goalkeeper, while the relative pressure of our team continued in search of finding a way to Umm Salal's goal to score the first goal, but without anything new. The pace of the match increased as the minutes of the first half passed between the two teams through increased attacks, but without any danger. Continuous attempts by our team, and this time Abdul Ghani Mounir shot a strong ball that was cleared by the Umm Salal goalkeeper for a corner. Then the corner was played and Ramon met it with a header that passed next to the Umm Salal Club’s post, then Ramon followed with another shot that passed next to the post. Finally, Muaither succeeded in imposing his advantage and scoring the first goal in the 30th minute through a Ramon Arias header after he received a long ball from a corner kick executed by Andrei Siahputra and put it into the net. The result was that our team advanced by one goal without a response over Umm Salal. Our team continued to attack Umm Salal Club in search of strengthening the score, but without threatening Umm Salal’s goal. On the other hand, our team’s goalkeeper, Ivanildo Rodriguez, blocked two dangerous chances from Umm Salal and kept a clean sheet before the end of the first half. The first half ended with Muaither leading with a clean goal over Umm Salal. The second half began with mutual attacks between the two teams, but without any danger, and this is due to the high level of performance between the two teams. Umm Salal's attempts resulted in adjusting the score through Andre Delort's header in the 57th minute, making the result a goal for our team versus Umm Salal's goal. The first substitution for our team, with the departure of Abdel-Ghani Mounir and the entry of Mohamed Salah El-Nile to activate the offensive side, with an increase in the intensity of the exchange of attacks between the two teams. In the 75th minute, Umm Salal succeeded in turning the score around and scoring a second goal from a penalty kick by Andre Delort after the same player was obstructed by Mamadou Traoré, making the score for Umm Salal two goals to one for our team. Umm Salal succeeded in strengthening the score with a third goal in the 80th minute through Andre Delort, almost alone, against our team's goalkeeper, making the result three goals for Umm Salal versus a goal for our team. Our team tried to reduce the difference with a shot by Ramon Arias from inside the box, which was blocked by the Umm Salal goalkeeper. The team's attempts to reduce the difference were to no avail in the face of the good spread of Umm Salal players on the field, so the match ended with Umm Salal winning with a score of 1/3.

2023-11-01 05:05:44

Muaither Club technical director, Pepe Murcia, spoke about his team’s match, Muaither Club, against Umm Salal Club, in the eighth week. One of the Expo Stars League competitions, which will be held tomorrow, Thursday, at Hamad Bin Khalifa Stadium. Muaither Club coach Pepe Murcia confirmed his team's readiness to face Umm Salal Club, within the framework of the eighth round of the Expo Stars League competitions. Murcia added during the press conference before the match, “We played a good match against Al-Sadd Club, and we are satisfied with the performance in that match despite the loss, but in general, we are not satisfied with the results in the previous matches, and we are working to correct the course. We have now closed the file for the Al-Sadd match, and currently all our focus is on the match.” Umm Salal is very important before the stoppage and we worked to fully prepare the team for this match, and we hope to provide the level required to obtain the three points that will mark Muaither’s start again in the league. Murcia continued: We respect Umm Salal Club, as it is a strong team this season and is performing well, so the confrontation with them will be difficult, but I trust in the abilities of my team players and through this match we seek to return to the winning path, and we look forward to putting on a good show and achieving the result that everyone desires. Murcia said: We worked in the past few days during training to intensify preparations and give the players the information and plans necessary to appear at a strong and good level in the Umm Salal match, and we were determined to achieve victory, because winning the three points brings us to the seventh point and thus puts us in a somewhat good position on the ranking ladder before... The downtime period, where the players appeared in a distinctive way during the last training sessions, and the equipment was strong and focused. Murcia concluded his speech by saying: The management, the team, the fans, and the fans are all like one family, and everyone continues to support the team even in the most difficult circumstances, and this gives us a strong incentive to continue making every effort to make them happy, and I am confident of achieving victory so that Muaither Club returns to the path of victories. For his part, Abdul Ghani Munir, the team player, stressed the importance of Muaither’s next match against Umm Salal Club, indicating that the match will be difficult for both teams and we are ready for it, and we will give everything we have to achieve the three points before the long pause, which will put us in a warm position on the ladder. Ranking. The player added, saying: I trust in the abilities of my fellow players to achieve victory over Umm Salal Club, especially since we are working to intensify and continue the work in the daily training that we engage in, and to implement the instructions of the technical staff, to avoid mistakes that always cost any team a loss, so we take all of that into account. To reach the required readiness. He continued, saying: We must take advantage of all possible opportunities in all the matches that we play, and the need for concentration in front of the goal to score goals, in addition to playing strongly in some periods of the matches that we play and working hard in them to reach the opponent’s goal, and this is what we focus on in training. The player concluded his speech by saying: I invite all the fans and fans of the team to attend the matches and support the players, and we will work, God willing, to make them happy, to achieve all desired ambitions.

2023-10-28 18:37:02

Our first football team at Muaither Club lost to Al Sadd Club with two clean goals, as part of the competitions of the seventh week of the Expo Stars League, in a match held this evening against Hamad bin Khalifa Stadium. The match began with a mutual advantage for both teams over the course of the match, with an exchange of balls between the feet of the players, and a phase of extreme caution and a clear feeling of the pulse on the field. The minutes of the match continued at an average rate of performance between the two teams on the field, with opportunities that were not as clear as required for both goalkeepers. Until the middle of the first half, our team succeeded in closing the spaces and keys of Al Sadd Club’s play, with good spread inside the field, and relying on attacks by Denis Alibek and the speed of Andrei Siahputra and Jamal Hamad. Our team reached Al Sadd’s goal with an opportunity through J. Mpenza, but the player’s recklessness in completing the missing final touch prevented the first goal from being scored. Another opportunity arose for Mpenza after he received a pass on a golden platter from Denis Alibek, but he strangely shot the ball outside the goal, and as a result, Mpenza was injured. From the stadium. In the 42nd minute, Al-Sadd succeeded in scoring the first goal through a penalty kick scored by Akram Afif successfully to the right of goalkeeper Evanildo Rodriguez, bringing the result to Al-Sadd advancing by a clean goal. At the end of the first half, Mbenza went off due to injury and Bahaa Al-Laithi entered in his place. The first half ended with Al Sadd leading our team with a clean goal. The second half began with a clear advantage for Al-Sadd over our team. Al-Sadd threatened Evanildo Rodriguez’s goal with an almost one-on-one chance from Mohamed Waad, but the ball passed over the goal. Then a shot by Akram Afif, the Al-Sadd player, on our team’s goal hit the crossbar, amid a clear retreat for our team’s players at the back and an inability to get the ball out. And building an attack on Al Sadd’s goal. A second substitution for our team, with Abdel Ghani Mounir leaving and Mohamed Salah El Nile entering to activate the attacking line that was absent in the match. Our team threatened Al Sadd's goal with a dangerous opportunity through Jamal Hamad with a strong left shot that Mishal Barshim deflected to a corner. There is a clear weakness of our team in building and forming attacks. This is due to the lack of harmony between the players, in addition to the strength of Al-Sadd through its organized spread inside the field, putting pressure on the ball carrier for our team, and controlling the course of the match. In stoppage time, Al-Sadd increased the score with a second goal from Hashem Ali, with a shot that went into our team's net, killing our team's dreams of returning to the match. The match ended with Al Sadd winning by two goals without a response against Muaither.

2023-10-26 19:44:07

Muaither Club's technical director, Pepe Murcia, spoke about his team's match, Muaither Club, against Al-Sadd Club, in the seventh week One of the Expo Stars League competitions, which will be held next Saturday at Hamad Bin Khalifa Stadium. Muaither Club coach Pepe Murcia stressed the difficulty of the match for his team against Al Sadd, especially since Al Sadd is performing well in the league championship, and is also coming off a big win in the AFC Champions League, adding that the match will be very difficult for us, but we will give everything we have. To achieve victory, which gives us strong motivation to move forward towards achieving more victories in the coming rounds. Murcia said: Al-Sadd is a great team and we respect it and one of the best teams in Qatar without a doubt, but we do not look at its results. Rather, we look at achieving victory and nothing else. We must play with extreme caution and concentration, and exploit all possible opportunities in such difficult matches, adding that we will We are putting all our effort and energy into achieving the three points. Murcia continued: We have a strong attack and we reach the goal in all the matches we play, but we lack in exploiting opportunities sometimes in addition to success, and therefore we intensify our training to work on addressing these mistakes and trying to correct them and not repeat them. He added: We play as one team, and the players are committed to performing the training to the fullest extent, in addition to implementing the instructions required of them, and they always have the determination to achieve all ambitions, and this is the motivation that makes us as a family and one harmonious team, and we will enter the Al-Sadd match with all concentration to snatch victory and achieve a good result that satisfies us. All together, and it will be a path to more victories. Murcia concluded his speech by saying: I still appreciate that the administration, the fans, and the fans always stand with the team, and we always work and strive to always make them happy, and we ask them to continue to stand with the team in all circumstances. For his part, Andre Siahputra, the team player, stressed the importance of Muaither’s match with Al Sadd, stressing the difficulty of the match against a respectable and strong team the size of Al Sadd and that it is our duty to reduce mistakes in such matches, and the most important thing is to exploit all available opportunities and score goals. Siahputra said: We are a new team in the league and communication is sometimes limited with the players on the field, but we are intensifying our daily training to reach the best possible harmony, and we need simple details to make us stronger, and each of us players has his responsibility and knows it well, and we must implement the instructions required of us to come out in a good way. Positiveness in all the matches we play, and I trust in the abilities of my fellow players to achieve a positive result against Al Sadd. He continued: We reach the goal a lot, but we have to work more to take advantage of all the opportunities that are available to us, and we must be more serious with training to reach the required readiness, which makes us enter any match with high confidence. Siahputra concluded his speech by saying: We thank everyone for supporting the team, and we always expect the support of the fans and fans of the team, and we will do our best to make them happy.