2024-02-16 10:24:50

Muaither Sports Club announces the official completion of its contract procedures with Jordanian international defender Yazan Al-Arab, coming from the ranks of the Iraqi Police Club. The Jordanian defender expressed his happiness at joining Muaither Club and taking on a new challenge in his sports career, stressing that he will make every effort to provide the best level with Muaither and achieve all ambitions.

2024-02-13 15:34:52

The activities of the thirteenth edition of the National Sports Day were launched this morning, under the slogan “The Choice is Yours”, in all regions of the country. This day aims to raise awareness of the importance of sports and its role in life and make it an essential part of people’s daily life. For its part, the Qatar Red Crescent held its annual Sports Day event at Muaither Sports Club, which included many different sports activities. The club’s Board of Directors, represented by Dr. Mahmoud Al Mahmoud, Executive General Manager of the club, participated in the event, who in turn exchanged commemorative shields with the Qatar Red Crescent’s administration, in an atmosphere It was characterized by happiness and fun among the participants. Many citizens and residents participated in the event, to enjoy various events, sporting activities and entertainment shows.

2024-02-10 20:00:59

Dr. Saleh bin Ali Al-Ajji, President of Muaither Sports Club, expressed his great happiness with our national team winning the Asian Cup title for the second time in a row. The doctor congratulated all of Qatar for this historic and unprecedented achievement. Dr. Saleh Al-Ajji, President of Muaither Club, extended his highest congratulations and expressions of congratulations and blessings to the shrine of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country, to His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad Al Thani, Deputy of His Highness the Emir, to His Highness Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani, and to the general public. Qatari on the occasion of our national team winning the Asian Cup Qatar 2023 for the second time in a row after defeating the brotherly Jordanian team in the final of the tournament as a historic and unprecedented achievement in Qatari sports. He expressed his sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who contributed to achieving this achievement, from the President of the Federation to all the administrative staff and players, for the efforts they made during the tournament in order to achieve this historic title, which came after the Al-Anabi players presented a distinguished level in the Asian Nations Cup, which was the subject of admiration and praise from... All followers at the global and continental levels. The President of Muaither Club confirmed that this new achievement achieved by Qatari football did not come by chance, but rather is the result of clear-cut planning and strategy drawn up by the country’s wise leadership within the framework of Qatar National Vision 2030, to advance all sectors in the country, including the sports sector, which is witnessing interest. Great support from our wise leadership as it is a fundamental pillar in building a physically and mentally healthy human being. He stressed that this historic achievement achieved by our national football team by winning the Asian Cup title for the second time was a direct result of the support of the wise leadership for sports in the State of Qatar, a support that began many years ago and we are reaping its fruits today, whether at the level of football or other sports. Among the other sports in which our teams in team sports and our players in individual sports have achieved global and continental achievements, which reflect in their entirety the developments experienced by the State of Qatar in all fields and confirm the extent of support enjoyed by the Qatari person as the most important pillar in all national strategies.

2024-02-06 13:48:51

Muaither Sports Club announces the completion of its contract procedures with three players, namely the Brazilian professional Thiago Di Luanco, coming from the Emirati club Khor Fakkan, and the player Moataz Al-Bistami from the ranks of Qatar Sports Club on loan, in addition to goalkeeper Claude Amin from the ranks of Al-Gharafa Club on loan until the end of the current season. These contracts come to strengthen the team's ranks during the current winter transfers. The trio expressed their happiness at joining Muaither Club, stressing that they will make every effort to present the best football performances and contribute to helping the team achieve all its ambitions.

2023-12-20 16:56:41

Our team lost 4-2 to Al-Wakrah Club, in a match held this evening at Hamad Bin Khalifa Stadium at Al-Ahly Club as part of the twelfth week of the Expo Stars League. The goals of our team were scored by Denis Alibek and Ayman Al-Hassouni from a penalty kick. The match started with strength, especially from Al Wakrah, who scored the first goal early in the second minute, amid poor oversight in our team's defences. Al-Wakrah continued to intensify its pressure and scored a second goal against our team, making the score two goals for Al-Wakrah and nothing for Muaither. Our team responded to Al Wakrah's two goals with a shot by Denis Alibek that was blocked by the Al Wakrah goalkeeper for a corner, then the same player followed with another shot that passed near the post. Attempts by our team to reduce the difference through the movements of Dennis Alibek, Guy Mbenza, Ayman Al-Hassouni, and Jamal Hamad, who missed a semi-solitary match with the Al-Wakrah goalkeeper after receiving a beautiful pass from Dennis, but the Al-Wakrah goalkeeper blocked it. Our team's attempts resulted in a goal to reduce the difference in the 30th minute through Dennis Alibek after receiving a beautiful pass from Fouad Hanafouk, making the result two goals for Al Wakrah and one for our team. Our team was able to adjust the score through Ayman Al-Hassouni from a penalty kick in the 34th minute, after the same player had taken it when the kick was awarded, so the score became two goals for our team versus two goals for Al-Wakra. Our team continued its attacks on Al Wakrah's goal, and our player Andre Siahputra shot a ball from inside the box, which was blocked by Al Wakrah's goalkeeper. Then Mpenza shot a shot from outside the box that passed next to the post, amidst an attacking euphoria and a clear advantage for our team over the course of the match. The first half ended in a positive draw, two goals to two. The second half started strongly for our team, as Jay Mbenza shot a strong ball into the box that hit the crossbar of Al-Wakrah's goalkeeper, then Ayman Al-Hassouni completed it with another shot that passed the crossbar. A loud chant at the start of the second half, and there was an exchange of attacks between the two teams and clear attacking attempts. Al-Wakrah succeeded in adding the third goal with the header of its attacker, Mohammed bin Yatto, after a cross ball, amid poor coverage by our team’s defences. Our team responded to Al-Wakrah's goal with a shot from Mbenza inside the box that was blocked by Al-Wakrah's goalkeeper. At the minute, with the exit of Guy Mpenza and the entry of Abdelghani Mounir to activate the offensive front. Al-Wakrah succeeded in adding the fourth goal through Dala from a rebound ball, making the score four goals for Al-Wakra compared to two goals for Muaither. Our team tried to reduce the difference, but without threatening Al-Wakrah’s goal, so the match ended with Al-Wakrah winning by four goals to two.

2023-12-19 09:49:04

Muaither Club technical director, Jorge da Silva, spoke about his team's match, Muaither Club, against Al Wakrah Club, in the twelfth week of the Expo Stars League competitions, which will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, at Hamad Bin Khalifa Stadium in Al Ahli Club, at five-thirty in the evening. The team coach stressed the importance of the match between Muaither and Al Wakrah Club, because winning it puts our team in a fairly good position on the ranking ladder and moving forward little by little, especially since the second division of the Expo Stars League has started with this match. Therefore, the task will be difficult for Muaither and there is no alternative to victory. And achieve three points. Da Silva added: We respect Al-Wakrah Club, as it is a strong team and provides distinguished performances in the league, and has technical and administrative stability, so we must play against them with all our strength and show our character, and I expect our match with them to be strong, and we will make every effort to present a match worthy of Muaither Club and get the three points. He continued: Our preparations are going on as usual, like any match, and we always intensify the hard work in training, and we are developing day after day, and Muaither’s performance is improving, and this is what we showed in the last match against Al-Arabi Club, in which we gave a great performance, but we conceded a goal in the last minutes and got the win. Point, and we always work to address errors promptly to prevent their reoccurrence. He added: Muaither has distinguished players, and I still have confidence in their abilities. We will strive to present a good match against Al Wakrah Club. We are ready for this match and will give everything we have to achieve victory and reach a warm place on the ranking ladder. He concluded his speech by saying: I renew my thanks to the team’s Board of Directors for the efforts they are making to serve Muaither Club. We appreciate their stance with the technical staff and the players, and we will make every effort to make them happy and to make the fans happy, whom we ask to continue to support and assist the team in the upcoming matches. For his part, Denis Alibek stressed our readiness as players for the difficult Al-Wakrah match, adding that Al-Wakrah is a strong team that we respect and has distinguished players, but we also have good players capable of making the difference in all confrontations, so I trust in the abilities of my fellow players to put on a good match and achieve the three points. He said: Muaither is improving little by little, and the performance is improving in every match we play, and we are presenting strong performances, but some mistakes in some matches negatively affect this good performance and the result of the match, and we always work with the coach to correct these mistakes to avoid repeating them. He continued: The current position of Muaither does not suit us and we must continue working and achieving victories in all the matches that we will play to reach the middle of the table, and our match tomorrow against Al Wakrah is not easy, but we will do the impossible and exert all our efforts to achieve the three points that will be very important for us, and after this match it will be... We have a rest, and when we return to training again, we will intensify our training, correct mistakes, and return to providing good performance for Muaither Club.