2023-03-15 10:50:22

Our team achieved an important victory over its counterpart, Mesaimeer Club, by a clean double, within the framework of the tenth week of the second-division league competitions, during the match that was held between the two teams yesterday evening Tuesday, March 14, 2023, at Saud bin Abdul Rahman Stadium in Al-Wakra Club. Our club scored two goals, Nabil Al-Zahr, in the 13th minute, and Aladdin Agray, in the 25th minute. Our team got three valuable points, raised its tally to 19 points in second place, and narrowed the difference to three points temporarily with Al-Khor Club, which will play this evening against Al-Shahaniya. The match started strongly on the part of our team, Muaither, who sought early to score the goal of progress, and intensified its attacks on the Mesaimeer goal, and was able to penetrate the Mesaimeer net with the first goal through the team’s striker Nabil Al-Zahr, who received a pass from his colleague Hammam Tariq, while the Mesaimeer team played on The counterattacks, which were dangerous on the goal of the team's goalkeeper Moayad Shanan Abdullah. Our team continued to impose its advantage and take possession of the course of the match, and from an organized counterattack led by Nabil Al-Zahr with a pass to Hammam Tariq, who in turn sent a long and beautiful ball to the one coming from behind Aladdin Agray, who dodged the Mesaimeer defender and hit a creeping ball that entered the Mesaimeer net at the 25th minute, scoring a goal The second advance of Muaither. After conceding two goals, Mesaimeer tried to return to the match and reduce the difference, but he did not succeed in that, so the first half ended with our team advancing with two goals without a response. With the start of the second half, Mesaimeer's coach made his substitutions in an attempt to activate the team's lines, especially the attack line, and to put pressure on Muaither's defense. Mesaimeer was able to take over the course of the second half, in addition to creating a threat to our team's goal, but the defense and the goalkeeper were on the lookout for all attacks until the last minute. of the age of the match. The meeting ended with the victory of our team, Muaither, with two goals without a response to Mesaimeer, and with this victory, our team raised its score to 19 points in second place, and Mesaimeer froze at point 11 in sixth place.

2023-03-11 14:30:51

We Muaither club eliminates Al-ahli and qualified to the quarter final Our first team of the muaither sports club,qualified for the quarter final of the Amir cup 2023, After defeating Al-Ahli against 3 on 1, in the match that broight the two teams toghter at suhaim bin hamad stadium for the round of sixteen match of amir cup 2023. the facing started with Al-ahli prefernce at certain intervals, and did not succeed in reaching the goal post of our teams goalkeeper moayad abdullah and after second half had begin through our first goal our team attaked al-ahli's goal net and had many opportunities,and at the 43rd minute out our team advanced with the first goal through header by Geogre kwasi and ended the first half with nujoom al-kahilan advancing a clean goal On the other second half,out teams advantage over al ahli's goal continued as it was able to score the second goal through the team's striker jamal hamad at the 83rd minute after he took advantage of a defensive error in the al ahli team,and al ahli intensified his attacks on our team's goal and was able to score the goal of reducing the difference through his player 90+3 and from an organized counter-attack led by youssef al-ahli with perfect pass to our team striker aladdin agray,to set the third goal and kill al ahli's dreams by returning to the match,so that the match ended with our team winning by three goals. with this victory muaither sets a date with al arabi club in the quarter final round. Our team at its preparation for the next confrontation in the second division league,when it faces mesaimeer on 14th on the month of march at saud bin abdul rahman stadium,-week 10 competition of second division league

2023-03-08 13:59:39

The coach pepe murcia mentions that the match against Al-ahli club will be difficult because we will face a strong and collective team with high potential and experience on star league,also having good international player with a good coach coach continues saying that the is no pressure on players of our team and we are ready to face al alhi club and we seeks to provide the best performance and strive to achieve an victory.The focus on muaither club is on the league championships and and qulaification for the QNB star league,and this match is considered as a real test to know the level of players of each teams coach also said that "i am proud as a coach with muaither club to play in this tournament which is considered as the most valuable tournament in qatar, and the team's goal is to achieve victory and defend our right to continue to advanced level roles in this tournament Apart from this Mohamed saad Al-Badr, the player of the team says that amir cup is one of the most important and precious tournament for all, and its honer for each and everyone in the team to represent muaither sports club. "we will play against al ahli club which is a great team and we respect it and we will enter the match with high determination to win" Al badr mentioned that we know al ahli weakness as well as their strengths and we will enter the match seriously to prove to ourselves in this tournament and achieve a victory,therfore we will be playing with high spirit concluded the speech saying that it is a great feeling when you win this championship, but in order to be realistic,obtaining it requires more fatigu and we always continue to work on variouos level.

2022-02-03 21:57:11

معيذر يهزم الوسيل بنتيجة ثلاثه اهداف دون مقابل في إطار الاسبوع الثامن من عمر بطولة دوري الدرجة الثانية سجل الاهداف لفريق معيذر كلاً من رافاييل رامازوتي و رشيد صوماليا ونبيل الزهر .

2022-01-23 01:20:40

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم #إأفتتاح# تعلن إدارة نادي معيذر الرياضي عن افتتاح ملاعب عشب صناعي بالنادي للحجز والاستفسار يرجي التواصل مع المسئول عن الملاعب علي بكري واتس + مكالمات 50092258 :

2021-11-04 06:42:37

خاض فريقنا الاول مساء الامس مباراة ودية امام منتخب الفلبين U23 وكانت نهاية المباراة بفوز فريقنا بهدف مقابل لاشيء سجل الهدف اللاعب وليد صالح الحلك.