2024-03-29 20:38:47

Our team achieves a valuable victory over Umm Salal

The first football team of Muaither Club achieved victory over Umm Salal Club by two goals to one, in a match held this evening at Thani Bin Jassim Stadium in Al Gharafa Club, within the framework of the nineteenth week of the Expo Stars League competitions. Both goals of our team were scored by Thiago Di Luanco in the 6th minute. And 55. The match started with extreme caution and there was a clear phase of checking the pulse between the two teams. Our team relies in its attacks on the movements of Denis Alibek, Jamal Hamad, and Thiago Di Luanco, and behind them are the passes of Saif Al-Mohannadi and Ayman Al-Hassouni. Our team succeeded in scoring the first goal in the sixth minute through Thiago Di Luanco, who received a pass from Mohamed Saad to put the ball into the net, and our team advanced with the first goal. Our team continued its attacks on Umm Salal's goal, and Saif Al-Muhannadi shot a dangerous ball that passed next to the post of Umm Salal goalkeeper Landing Badji, and Umm Salal responded to our team's attacks with a shot that Evanildo blocked for a corner. Our team retreated slightly after scoring the first goal, which allowed Lam Salal to take control of the match and pose a threat to our team goalkeeper, Ivanildo Rodriguez, and our team began to rely solely on counterattacks by Denis Alibek and Thiago Di Luanco. A dangerous opportunity for our team came from a counterattack led by Jamal Hamad, who sent a cross into the Umm Salal penalty box. Denis Alibek received it and shot it forcefully, but it passed just over the crossbar to the Umm Salal goalkeeper. Then it was followed by a new opportunity from a clear, individual shot by Alibek, who was slow in shooting the ball and it was knocked out by Umm Salal’s defences. The opportunity to score the second goal and increase the score is lost. The first half ended with our team leading with a clean goal over Umm Salal. The second half began with the first substitution for our team at the minute, with Andre Siahputra leaving and Moataz Al Bustami entering to restore balance to the midfield. The half began at a higher pace than the first half, with Umm Salal trying to score the equalizer, but our team’s defenses were on the lookout for the attacks, and behind them, goalkeeper Ivanildo Rodriguez shone. Our team succeeded in increasing the score with a second goal in the 55th minute through Thiago Di Luanco, who received a magic pass from Jamal Hamad to go one-on-one with Umm Salal’s goal and take advantage of goalkeeper Landing Badji’s handling error and put the ball into the net, making the score two goals for our team against nothing for Umm Salal. Minute 55, a second substitution for our team, with Saif Al-Muhannadi leaving and Nassim Bin Issa entering to strengthen the defensive midfield. Minute 62, Umm Salal succeeded in reducing the score through Elias Ibrahim Hamid, making the score two goals for our team versus one goal for Umm Salal. Umm Salal continued its attacks on our team's goal through Elias Ibrahim and Joao, but all the attacks found the brilliance of our team's goalkeeper, Ivanildo Rodriguez. Minute 71: A third and fourth substitution for our team, with the exit of Muhammad Saad Al-Badr, the entry of Abdul Rahman Rashid Jumaa, the exit of Jamal Hamad, and the entry of Fouad Hanafouk. Our team's attempts to strengthen the score with a third goal by relying on counterattacks by Denis Alibek and Thiago Di Luanco. A fifth and final substitution for our team, with the exit of Ayman Al-Hassouni and the entry of Abdel-Ghani Mounir. The match ended with Muaither defeating Umm Salal with a score of 1/2.

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