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The Umm Salal match is very important and we are ready for it - Da silva

Muaither Club's technical director, Jorge da Silva, spoke about his team's match against Umm Salal Club in the nineteenth week of the Expo Stars League, which will be held tomorrow, Friday, at Thani Bin Jassim Stadium in Al Gharafa Club at nine-thirty in the evening. Da Silva said: In the last match against Al Sadd Club, we led by two clean goals and we had several opportunities to double the score, but we did not exploit them well, especially from the counterattacks that we relied on. We tried to keep our goal as much as possible, but the pressure that the players experienced on the field made them lose some kind of concentration. Al-Sadd took advantage of that and took control of the match and scored four goals. I am saddened by this loss, but I have great confidence in my team’s players and they have the capabilities and experience that enable them to play every match with high confidence. We will do everything we have to provide the best matches in the coming weeks. Da Silva said: Our next match is against Umm Salal Club, which is a developed and strong team this season and has a good coach and distinguished players. For us, the match against them will be very important and there is no substitute for victory and getting three points, to get out of the uncomfortable place for us in Muaither Club on the ladder. Ranking: We aspire to move forward in the table to reach the warm zone and improve our position more and more. We will make every effort on the field and resolve any opportunity that comes to us. He added: During the recent pause, we worked to intensify training and prepare various plans and tactics, and I spoke with the players about the necessity of implementing instructions and focusing in all the matches that we play and reaping victories, which in turn brings us confidence and spirit that enables us to provide the best level. He continued: We are focusing on all the upcoming matches, which we consider to be cup matches, and there is no room for giving up points, because we are playing in decisive and fateful rounds, and it is necessary to achieve victory in order to move further away from danger zones. Da Silva concluded his speech with a message to the fans and fans of Muaither Club to stand behind the club in this important and critical period and to support and support the team in all matches. For his part, Youssef Sabri Al-Yahri, the team player, stressed the importance of the upcoming match against Umm Salal Club, which is considered one of the strong teams this season and is performing well in the league championship, adding that we must enter the match with extreme focus and we must exploit all possible opportunities available to us in front of the goal. The team player said: We as players have benefited greatly from the recent pause, and we are working with the technical staff non-stop until we reach a high level of readiness, stressing that the team has five matches that we consider to be final matches and there is no room for wasting points, and we will take each match separately and according to its importance and I. I trust my fellow players and their ability to provide distinguished levels that suit us and achieve victory in the match and get out of the current situation. The team player sent a message of thanks to the Board of Directors, which is making every effort to provide comfort to the players, as well as to the technical staff, which always gives the young players the opportunity to play and join the ranks of the first team, and this gives us, as young players, a great incentive to exert all our efforts, develop ourselves more, and help the players in all the matches that they play. We play it. The team player concluded his speech with a message to the Muaither Club fans to continue supporting the team without stopping and that their presence is very important against Umm Salal, stressing that we as players will work to make them happy and achieve all ambitions.

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