2024-02-29 17:13:27

Our team tied with Al-Shamal

Our first football team, Muaither Club, tied with its counterpart, Al Shamal Club, without goals, in a match held this evening at Al Bayt World Cup Stadium, as part of the competitions of the fifteenth week of the Expo Stars League. The match started with extreme caution between the two teams, with defensive caution and the transfer of balls between the players of both teams. Our team's players were liberated on the field, as our team relied in its attacks through the movements of Denis Alibek and Thiago Di Luanco, and behind them, Ayman Al-Hassouni. Our team had the first opportunity from Yazan Al-Arab's header that went over the crossbar for the Al-Shamal goalkeeper, followed by a shot by Denis Alibek that went over the crossbar in minutes. Our team players made persistent attempts to reach the Al-Shamal net, as a new opportunity arose for our team through a shot by Ayman Al-Hassouni, which the Al-Shamal goalkeeper deflected to a corner. The first half ended in a goalless draw. The second half began as the first half, with a cautious calm between the two teams. Continuous attempts by our team to score the first goals of the match, searching for an outlet to reach the North’s net by relying on the movements of Tabago de Luanco, Dennis, Ayman Al-Hassouni and Moataz Al-Bistami, but all attacks are blocked by the North’s defences. Two substitutions for our team, with Gamal Hamad leaving, Abdel Ghani Mounir entering, Dennis Alibek leaving, and Fouad Hanafouk entering to activate the front line. The match ended in a goalless draw between the two teams.

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