2024-02-24 19:16:55

Muaither achieves a valuable victory over Al Markhiya

Our first football team achieved a valuable victory over its counterpart, Al Markhiya, with two unanswered goals, in a match held this evening at the Grand Hamad Stadium, within the framework of the fourteenth week of the Expo Stars League competitions. The goals of our professional team were scored by the Brazilian Thiago Di Luanco and Al Markhiya defender Ruben Semedo, by mistake, in their own net. With this victory, our team raised its score to 9 points in eleventh place. The match started strongly between the two sides, especially from our team, which searched for the first goal from the beginning, and our striker Thiago Di Luanco had an opportunity, which passed near the post to Al Markhiya goalkeeper Omar Barry. Our team tried to intensify its attacks on the Al Markhiya goal and was able to score the first goal through Thiago Di Luanco after he received a cross from Ayman Al-Hassouni, through which he put the ball into the net, giving our team the lead with the first goal at the 17th minute of the first half. Al Markhiya tried to adjust the score through a missed penalty kick from their player Idris Ftouhi and Youssoufa Njat, as all their attempts sparkled with our team's goalkeeper, Ivanildo Rodriguez. As the minutes of the match passed and at intervals, our team's strikers Thiago Di Luanco and Denis Alibek missed several opportunities, as they were not lucky enough to succeed in them, depriving our team Muaither of the opportunity to strengthen the score, and the first half ended with our team leading Muaither with a clean goal. The second half started strongly between the two teams, and our team threatened Al Markhiya's goal with an opportunity from a shot by Jamal Hamad, which was blocked by Al Markhiya's goalkeeper. Our team continued its attacks and was able to score a second goal through Ruben Semedo by mistake in his own net, making the score two goals for Muaither and nothing for Al Markhiya. As the minutes passed, our team became the best and in control of the course of the match, but without any threat to Al Markhiya’s goal, which tries through counterattacks to reduce the score, but our team’s defenses are on the lookout. A second substitution for our team, with Ayman Al-Hassouni leaving and Saif Al-Muhannadi entering to strengthen the defensive midfield. The match ended with our team winning by two unanswered goals.

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