2024-02-23 06:35:15

Da Silva: The Al Markhiya match is important and difficult, but we are ready for it

Muaither Club's technical director, Jorge da Silva, spoke about his team's match against Al Markhiya Club in the fourteenth week of the Expo Stars League, which will be held tomorrow, Saturday, at the Grand Hamad Stadium at eight o'clock in the evening. Da Silva stressed the difficulty of the match against Al Markhiya Club, which has strengthened its ranks with many players, and a victory in this match is considered six points, indicating that the team seeks to get out of its current slump and move forward in the ranking ladder and stay away from danger positions, and winning this match will be a motivational start. We have to continue with the same approach in the upcoming matches. We take and prepare for each match separately, and the players are committed to training and implementing instructions, and this helps us a lot in understanding and harmony, and gives us the motivation to continue. Da Silva added: The new players in the team are a good addition to us, and with their presence the team has grown stronger, and this is what I saw in the friendly matches that we played previously during the pause, which we benefited greatly from. I am completely confident in the abilities of my team players and we have ambitions and goals and we will achieve them together to achieve all ambitions. The club, and this is what I saw from the players who promised to make every effort to provide the best levels. He continued: Our team is ready and fully formed, and we prepared well during the last period. We held a preparatory camp for the team, which included several friendly matches. I got to know the levels of all the players and stood at the level of readiness that enables us to enter any match in a strong manner. Da Silva concluded his speech with a message to the fans of Muaither Club, asking them to support the team during the current period and to stand behind it in all matches, because the presence of the fans is an important motivational factor for us, and we will always work to put a smile on them. For his part, Yazan Al-Arab, who recently joined our team, expressed his happiness at being in the State of Qatar, specifically to play for the Muaither Club, adding that he did not hesitate at all to accept the club’s offer and take the decision to sign and play in the Expo Stars League, which is considered a new challenge in his sports career, hoping to Achieving all the ambitions and goals of Muaither Club. The team player added: The Al Markhiya match will not be easy at all, and both teams need the three points, given their position in the table, but we will make every effort to achieve the win and snatch the three points, and for this win to be a starting point for the team to move forward, especially since the win brings us closer. From tenth place, step by step we seek to get closer to the warm areas on the ranking ladder, and this requires from us, as players, more effort and work, and hand in hand we will achieve all ambitions. The team player said: I watched the team’s matches in the first section of the Expo Stars League, and the team presented good levels in the matches it played, but the reason for the loss in some matches was the result of a lack of concentration in the last minutes, but we as players took that into account and will make every effort and give every effort. What we have and to address mistakes to achieve everything that is good for Muaither Club, and the technical staff always provides us with the required instructions and training until we reach full readiness before every match we play. The team player asked the Muaither Club fans to support the team and stand behind it in all the matches we play, because the presence of the fans is an important and essential factor to motivate any player on the field, and we as players will work hard to make the Muaither Club fans happy.

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