2023-09-24 19:35:10

Muaither draws with Al Shamal

The first football team of Muaither Club tied 2-2 with Al-Shamal Club at the end of the fourth week of the Expo Stars League, in a match held this evening at the Ahmed Bin Ali World Cup Stadium, and the goals of our team were scored by Guy Mpenza and Andre Syahputra. The match started at an average pace between the two teams, with some timid attempts on both goalkeepers. Our team relies on attacks through Dennis Alibek, Guy Mbenza and Ayman Al-Hassouni in the midfield. As the minutes passed, the two teams gained a mutual advantage over the course of the match, as our team found it difficult to penetrate Al-Shamal’s defenses due to the good spread of Al-Shamal’s players on the field. Al-Shamal had a clear advantage over the course of the first half, but our team’s defenses were on the lookout for all attacks, and our team relied on counterattacks that did not pose a threat to Al-Shamal’s goal. After the middle of the first half, our team entered the match again, and began attacking Al-Shamal’s goal, but without a real threat to goalkeeper Abdullah Muhammad. The first half ended with a goalless draw between the two teams. The second half started better than the first half, with some attempts by both teams that did not reach the level Required . Our team tried to impose its advantage on the match, by controlling the midfield and feeding the attack line, but the good spread of the North players on the field made it difficult for our team to control the ball. Our team succeeded in breaking the silence in Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium and succeeded in scoring the first goal through Jey Mbenza in the 59th minute after receiving a special cross from Al-Naji Al-Sadiq, which Mbenza put into the Al-Shamal net and our team advanced with the first goal. At the 59th minute, we made a substitution for our team, with Al-Naji Al-Sadiq leaving and Jamal Hamad entering, to adjust the midfield and activate the offensive front. Al-Shamal succeeded in adjusting the score (68) through Mohamed Omar’s header amid poor oversight of our team’s defences, and the score became a positive tie for a goal for the same. After Al-Shamal scored the first goal, our team clearly retreated to the back and relied on counterattacks. At the 80th minute, there was a second substitution for our team, with Abdulaziz Hazza leaving and Youssef Sabri Al-Yahri entering, to activate the offensive side. At the 85th minute, our team succeeded in taking the lead again through Andrei Siahputra, who received a magical pass from Denis Alibek from inside the box, putting the ball into the Al-Shamal net, making the result a two-goal lead for our team. Al-Shamal succeeded in adjusting the score through Ricardo Gomez, who received the ball from the edge of the box and shot a creep into our team's net. The match ended in a positive draw with two goals to two.

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