2023-09-23 15:16:00

Murcia: A difficult match awaits us and we seek to snatch victory

Muaither Club technical director, Pepe Murcia, spoke about his team’s match, Muaither Club, against Al Shamal Club, in the fourth week of the Expo Stars League competitions next Sunday. Pepe Murcia, the technical director of Muaither Club, expressed his happiness with achieving the victory and three points for his team in the third round match of the Expo Stars League against Al Markhiya Club, as well as with the great performance presented by the players, and the high spirit they showed in that match, adding that this victory came as a result of continuous and hard work. The entire team participated in training, and carried out all the instructions that were required of them to the fullest extent. Murcia said: We always enter matches with the intention of achieving victory and grabbing three points, and this is a legitimate right for us and we strive to provide the best performances that make us develop day after day. He continued: We respect Al-Shamal Club and our match with them is difficult. It is an organized team this season and has distinguished players, and offers good levels. It is also seeking to achieve its first victory this season and we take this into account. We will play on Al-Shamal’s weaknesses and mask its strengths to prevent danger to us, so The match will be difficult, and we will strive to win and grab the three points. Murcia added: I was closely following our international players with their teams during the international break, and they gave a good performance. I am happy to have them join their countries’ teams and I always wish them success. This benefits us at Muaither Club, and gives confidence to all players to continue providing good performance. He added: I believe in the capabilities of all the players on the team to achieve the three points, and we are developing day after day, to achieve the required harmony. Muaither still has a lot to offer during this season, and we will always play to our strengths, and provide a good result in all the matches that we play. Murcia concluded his speech by saying: We are on the right path, and we hope to continue on that path, and we know very well that the Board of Directors and everyone always stand with us, and we ask all the staff, fans and fans of Muaither Club to always stand behind the team, to provide the best and achieve all ambitions. For his part, Ayman Al-Hassouni, the team’s player, stressed our overwhelming happiness as players in achieving the victory and obtaining the first three points over Al-Markhiya Club in the last round, indicating that this victory was the result of the hard work that we provide in all the daily training that we engage in, as well as the implementation of the continuous instructions from the technical staff, and we hope To continue this approach. Al-Hassouni continued: The match against Al-Shamal is very difficult, and we respect it, and we know that it is an advanced team this season, but we also have distinguished players, and I trust in the abilities of my teammates to achieve victory. He added: The international break gave us sufficient time to prepare and continue working on daily training, and we are engaged in successive technical and tactical training at a high level, to reach the required harmony. Al-Hassouni said: We, as players, know very well the responsibility that lies with us, and we have the necessary confidence that makes us provide the best performance, and Muaither Club will have its say this season, and we still have a lot to offer, and the team has players who have enough experience to decide any match, and they always make a difference. The difference, we will strive to achieve victory and continue victories to reach all goals and ambitions. At the end of his speech, Al-Hassouni sent a message to all the fans, fans and cadres of Muaither Club to stand behind the team under all circumstances, and we will certainly strive to put a smile on them and make them happy always.

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