2023-09-09 17:47:11

At the opening of the Ooredoo Cup tournament Muaither loses to Al Arabi

Our first football team lost by two goals to one against Al-Arabi Club, in a match held this evening at the Grand Hamad Stadium, as part of the first round of the Oored Cup competitions, and our team’s only goal was scored by Mohamed Salah Al-Nil. The match started and the phase of checking the pulse was clear between the two teams, without any threat to either goalkeeper. At the sixth minute, the match referee canceled a goal for our team, scored by Andrei Syahputra, due to a foul on the player. Our team continued to threaten Al-Arabi’s goal, as Fouad Hanafouk sent a cross ball, which was met by Andrei Siahputra with a shot that hit Al-Arabi’s defences, and Saif Al-Mohannadi completed it with a second shot that passed over the crossbar to Al-Arabi’s goalkeeper. Our team's advantage was translated into the first goal scored by Mohamed Salah El-Nile in the 16th minute after he received a pass from his teammate Andrei Siyahputra through which he put the ball into the net. Al-Arabi responded with the equalizing goal by Rami Suhail at the (17th) minute, from a deceptive header. The pace of the match calmed down after the two goals, and the players of both teams relied on exchanging balls in the middle of the field without threatening the two goalkeepers. Al-Arabi scored the second goal from a corner kick headed by Abdullah Al-Marisi in the 34th minute, amid poor defensive oversight by our team players, making the score two goals for Al-Arabi versus a goal for Muaither. Our team responded to Al-Arabi’s goal with two shots by Jamal Hamad and Ayman Al-Hassouni, which were blocked by Al-Arabi goalkeeper Nour El-Din Ahmed. At the 45th minute, Ayman Al-Hassouni shot a strong free ball from outside the box that hit the right post of Al-Arabi’s goalkeeper. The first half ended with Al Arabi leading by two goals to one over Muaither. The second half began with a slight advantage for our team over Al-Arabi’s goal, as our team tried to adjust the score through Fouad Hanafouk’s crosses, but were blocked by Al-Arabi’s defences. At the 64th minute, our coach made two substitutions, with Mohamed Salah El-Nile and Andre Siahputra leaving and Malek Mohamed Hassan and Youssef Sabri El-Yahri entering, to activate the midfield and attack. Our team continued to impose its advantage on the field, and began attacking Al-Arabi’s goal, but without any chance on Al-Arabi’s goal, and Al-Arabi began playing on rebounds. At the 69th minute, our player Fouad Saleh Hanafouk was sent off after interfering with an Al Arabi player, and he left the field. After the expulsion case among our team, Al-Arabi entered the match again, and became the better side and began attacking our team's goal. At the 84th minute, our substitute player, Amjad Salah, was alone and shot a ball, but the Al Arabi defender took it away for a corner. The match ended with Al-Arabi winning by two goals to one.

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