2023-09-01 21:35:16

Muaither achieves a wide victory over Al Markhiya

Muaither Club achieved a great and well-deserved victory, with a score of five goals to two, over Al Markhiya Club, as part of the third round of the Expo Stars League, in a match held this evening at the Ahmed Bin Ali World Cup Stadium at Al Rayyan Club. The quintet of our team, J Mpenza, scored four goals, and Youssoufa Najat, the Al Markhiya player, scored four goals. by mistake. The match started with extreme caution between the two teams, with some attempts from both sides by our team through Abdel-Ghani Mounir, Dennis Alibek, and from the depths, J. Mbenza, but without danger. Our team succeeded in snatching the first goal in the 7th minute through Guy Mbenza, who received a beautiful pass from Abdel-Ghani Mounir, to take advantage of the Al Markhiya goalkeeper’s mistaken exit and easily put the ball into the net. Our team's attempts continued against Al Markhiya's goal and increased the score with a second goal by J Mpenza in the 12th minute, after he took advantage of a second mistake by Al Markhiya's goalkeeper in holding the ball, pounced on it and put it into the net. The danger of our team lies on the left side through Abdel-Ghani Mounir and Fouad Hanafouk. The Al Markhiya goalkeeper's mistakes continued and our team succeeded in scoring the third goal and the hat-trick for Guy Mbenza in the 15th minute, after he followed Ayman Al-Hassouni's shot that the Al Markhiya goalkeeper made a mistake in blocking, making the score three for Muaither and nothing for Al Markhiya. Al Markhiya succeeded in reducing the difference in the 22nd minute through an error by our team's defender, Mamadou Traoré, in his own net. Our team fell back a little after Al Markhiya scored the goal to reduce the difference. Al Markhiya tried to put pressure on our team's defences, but without threatening our goalkeeper, Ivanildo Rodriguez. Contrary to expectations, Mpenza came back again and scored the fourth goal for our team in the 27th minute, after manipulating Al Markhiya’s defenses and shooting a creeping ball into the net of Al Markhiya’s goalkeeper. During the first half, our team succeeded in closing the keys to Al Markhiya play, and this is due to the distinguished defensive organization and spread within the field. Our team's attempts continued against Al Markhiya's goal and succeeded in scoring the fifth goal in the 41st minute, through Yousef Najat, Al Markhiya's player, accidentally into his own goal after a shot from a deceptive free-kick, so that the ball went into the net of Al Markhiya's goalkeeper. As a result, the first half ended with a well-deserved lead for Muaither, with five goals to one. Waheed for the Markhiya. The course of the second half began with Al Markhiya having a slight advantage over our team's goal, but without any threat to Evanildo Rodriguez's goal, with our team relying on counterattacks via Denis Alebek and Mbinza. At the 60th minute, the first substitution for our team occurred, with Abdul Ghani Mounir leaving due to injury, and Jamal Hamad entering. As the minutes of the second half passed, the pace of the match calmed down a little, with only the exchange of balls between the feet of both teams. Al Markhiya succeeded in reducing the score in the 70th minute through Youssoufa Naga from a header that went into the net of our goalkeeper Evanildo Rodriguez amid poor oversight by the defenders, making the score five goals for Muaither against two goals. Our coach made two substitutions at once in the 73rd minute, with Denis Alibek leaving, Andrei Siahputra entering, Ayman Al-Hassouni leaving, and Mohamed Salah El-Nil entering, to revitalize the midfield and attack and restore balance to the team. At the 79th minute, Fouad Hanafouk left due to injury, Youssef Sabri Al-Yahri entered, Jay Mbenza left, and Abdulaziz Hazza entered, so the match ended with Muaither winning by five to two goals.

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