2023-08-30 17:47:27

Al Markhiya match is important for everyone and we strive to achieve victory - Pepe Murcia

Muaither Club coach Pepe Murcia spoke about his team's match against Al Markhiya Club in the third week of the Expo Stars League competitions next Friday. Pepe Murcia confirmed that Muaither’s match with Al Markhiya is very important for the club and for me in particular, because the team is coming from two losses, so this match has no alternative for us to win, especially with the team’s performance gradually improving. Murcia said: We have closed the page on the previous two matches, and our full focus now is on the Al Markhiya match, which also needs to win, so the match will be difficult for both sides, and our goal is to achieve the first victory and three points. He continued: Our team is improving day by day, and this comes as a result of the daily training that the players undergo, which increases the chances of adaptation and harmony, and this always gives us strength, and we also constantly work to correct the mistakes that occur in the matches that we play. Murcia added: The most important thing for us in the team is to settle on the ideal lineup that plays the matches, and we respect Al Markhiya and all the clubs, and we consider every match in the league a final match. Murcia concluded his speech by saying: I always wish the Muaither family to play good matches to achieve victories, and Muaither is my family and we aspire to be in the best condition, and we will work to achieve victory over Al Markhiya Club and obtain the first points in the league, which will be the beginning for us. For his part, team player Bahaa Al-Laithi stressed that the Al-Markhiya match is considered the most important for the team, and we as players are determined to win it, because it gives us great motivation, even after the international break, to continue this approach and provide the best performance. Al-Laithi continued: We have distinguished players on the team, they have experience, and we have confidence and all the capabilities that enable us to achieve victory and provide strong performances in the league. He added: Stability is an important factor in the team, so the team is stable and we, as players, make a great effort in daily training and follow the instructions from the technical staff immediately and work to implement them, to reach the required readiness, and to achieve harmony, which is considered the most important factor for us to play matches. Muaither said: “He deserves the best, and we need patience and calm, and to continue the distinguished performance that we have presented since the start of the league championship, and after that, everything will certainly be achieved to achieve the ambitions.” Al-Laithi concluded his speech by saying: I and all my fellow players are confident in our ability to make the fans happy, so we ask them to stand behind the team, and we will always work to make them happy.

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