2023-08-03 11:57:52

Muaither wins in frienly match held in turkey with al shahaniya(qatar)

Muaither Club succeeded in achieving victory over Al-Shahaniya Club with three goals without a response, in the fourth friendly trial for Muaither Club, which was held in the team’s camp in the Turkish city of Izmit, in preparation for the new football season 2024/2023, and Muaither Jamal Hamad scored two goals and Mohamed Salah Al-Nil. Muaither played a strong match, and the team benefited from the fourth friendly experience that it played against Al-Shahaniya. The technical staff of Muaither, led by Spaniard Pepe Murcia, is keen to achieve the greatest amount of benefit during these friendly matches, in order to reach the required readiness before the start of the league championship on the sixteenth of next August. It is worth noting that Muaither previously played three friendly matches in his current camp, where he lost the first to Saudi Al-Faisaly with a clean goal, and also lost to Al-Adalah by four goals, and also lost to Al-Safa Club by three goals, and Muaither is scheduled to conclude his friendly matches against Kuwaiti Kazma Club on the sixth of May. Next August, then arriving in Doha on the eighth of this month, and entering into the final preparations stage.

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