2023-05-19 08:56:24

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Mahmoud, Executive Director of Muaither Club We are happy to qualify for the Stars League and are preparing for the next season

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Mahmoud, Executive Director of Muaither Club, confirmed his great happiness at the team’s qualification to the Qatar Stars League, after an absence that lasted 6 years, adding that this achievement was achieved due to the efforts of the board of directors, the technical staff and the players, especially that the team played distinguished matches throughout the league championship, and this is what It resulted in a deserved and direct qualification for the Senior League. In statements to the club’s official website, Al-Mahmoud confirmed: The team’s board of directors set the appropriate plan and goals before the start of the second-division season, and set the goal of qualifying for the senior league in its eyes, adding that the management brought a distinguished group of players and put confidence in them, who in turn determined to qualify and make the board happy. The administration, the masses and fans, and this is what has been achieved, and we thank them for accepting our trust and achieving this achievement. Regarding the Muaither Club’s preparations for the adult league, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Mahmoud said: The board of directors appointed Captain Abdullah Al-Mazrouei as head of the club’s football apparatus, in the first preparations that are still being carried out by the club’s management in preparation for the next season, and Al-Mahmoud continued that Al-Mazrouei is considered one of the national competencies that we are proud of It has players and coaches, wishing you continued success and payment. And Al-Mahmoud added that the board of directors will strengthen the team with new players during the coming period, especially since the Stars League is very different from the second-division league in all respects, and that the team will do everything it has to present the best offers, and achieve all the aspirations and goals of Muaither Club. Al-Mahmoud concluded his speech by saying: In the past days, we held a ceremony in honor of the players of the first team who achieved the ascension, as well as the team of hope, juniors and promising people from the Sunni groups sector, in appreciation of their efforts in achieving the achievements of the club, stressing that all the fans of Muaither Club did not and will not forget this generation that brought joy On all of our hearts.

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