2023-03-15 10:50:22

Muaither Defeats Mesimeer with double goal

Our team achieved an important victory over its counterpart, Mesaimeer Club, by a clean double, within the framework of the tenth week of the second-division league competitions, during the match that was held between the two teams yesterday evening Tuesday, March 14, 2023, at Saud bin Abdul Rahman Stadium in Al-Wakra Club. Our club scored two goals, Nabil Al-Zahr, in the 13th minute, and Aladdin Agray, in the 25th minute. Our team got three valuable points, raised its tally to 19 points in second place, and narrowed the difference to three points temporarily with Al-Khor Club, which will play this evening against Al-Shahaniya. The match started strongly on the part of our team, Muaither, who sought early to score the goal of progress, and intensified its attacks on the Mesaimeer goal, and was able to penetrate the Mesaimeer net with the first goal through the team’s striker Nabil Al-Zahr, who received a pass from his colleague Hammam Tariq, while the Mesaimeer team played on The counterattacks, which were dangerous on the goal of the team's goalkeeper Moayad Shanan Abdullah. Our team continued to impose its advantage and take possession of the course of the match, and from an organized counterattack led by Nabil Al-Zahr with a pass to Hammam Tariq, who in turn sent a long and beautiful ball to the one coming from behind Aladdin Agray, who dodged the Mesaimeer defender and hit a creeping ball that entered the Mesaimeer net at the 25th minute, scoring a goal The second advance of Muaither. After conceding two goals, Mesaimeer tried to return to the match and reduce the difference, but he did not succeed in that, so the first half ended with our team advancing with two goals without a response. With the start of the second half, Mesaimeer's coach made his substitutions in an attempt to activate the team's lines, especially the attack line, and to put pressure on Muaither's defense. Mesaimeer was able to take over the course of the second half, in addition to creating a threat to our team's goal, but the defense and the goalkeeper were on the lookout for all attacks until the last minute. of the age of the match. The meeting ended with the victory of our team, Muaither, with two goals without a response to Mesaimeer, and with this victory, our team raised its score to 19 points in second place, and Mesaimeer froze at point 11 in sixth place.

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