2024-04-28 17:47:05

Our team bid farewell to the first division after losing to Al-Arabi

Our first football team lost to its Arab counterpart by four goals to three, in a match held this evening at the Al Thumama World Cup Stadium, within the framework of the twenty-second week of the Expo Stars League, and with this result our team bid farewell to the first division league, and the goals of our team were scored by Denis Alibek, Ayman Al-Hassouni and Thiago De Yunco. The match began with cautious calm between the two teams, with an exchange of balls between the players in search of scoring an early goal, but without any real danger. Our team threatened Al-Arabi's goal first with a goal from Abdul Rahman Rashid, but the goal was canceled due to offside. Our team succeeded in scoring the first goal through Dennis Alibek in the 13th minute, with a creeping left shot that went into the net of Jassim Al-Hail, Al-Arabi’s goalkeeper, making the result a goal for our team versus nothing for Al-Arabi. Al-Arabi succeeded in scoring the equalizer through Omar Al-Somah from a penalty kick in the 22nd minute, after our team’s defender Hugo Gomez obstructed Youssef Al-Masakni inside the box, making the score a goal for each team. Our team made persistent attempts to score the second goal, as Moataz Al-Bistami threatened Al-Arabi’s goal with a shot that passed next to the post, followed moments later by a semi-alone shot by Ayman Al-Hassouni that also strangely passed next to Al-Arabi’s goalkeeper, Jassim Al-Hail. The second half began just as the first half began, with cautious calm between the two teams, with our team trying to score the second goal. Our team succeeded in scoring the second goal through Ayman Al-Hassouni's header in the 48th minute, which went into Al-Arabi's net, and the result became two goals for our team against one for Al-Arabi. Our team's attacks continued against Al-Arabi's goal, as Andre Siahputra shot from outside the box, but it was easy in the hands of Jassim Al-Hail, then a shot by Denis Alibek went over the crossbar, as well as a shot by Thiago Di Luanco that was blocked by the Al-Arabi goalkeeper. The wasted opportunities continued for our team, as Thiago Di Luanco was alone in Jassim Al-Hail’s goal, dribbled past the goalkeeper, and shot the ball awkwardly, hitting Al-Arabi’s defenses, wasting the opportunity for the third goal for our team. Al-Arabi succeeded in scoring the equalizer through Abdullah Marafi after he followed Omar Al-Somah’s shot after our team’s goalkeeper Evanildo blocked it, making the score two goals for each team. Our team increased the score with a quick third goal by Thiago Di Luanco in the 79th minute after he received a special pass from Andre to put the ball into the net, making the score three for our team versus two goals for Al Arabi. Minute 83: Two substitutions for our team, with Mohamed Al-Badr leaving, Fouad Hanafouk entering, Nassim Bin Issa leaving, and Saif Al-Muhannadi entering to strengthen the midfield and defense. Al Arabi succeeded in adjusting the score again through Omar Al Soma's header in the 85th minute. Al-Arabi took the lead and scored the fourth goal in the 96th minute, through Fouad Hanafouk, by mistake, in his own net, making the score four goals compared to three for our team. The match ended with Al-Arabi defeating our team by four goals to three.

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